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In parts of Croatia the access to basic needs are very unaffordable. It begins with little things, that we take for granted. Because of the Russian – Ukraine war, heating temperatures have been dramatically lowered or gas completely cut off. As a result people have to freeze in homeless quarters and old peoples homes. Warm clothing and blankets would desperately be needed.

Thats why we have decided to travel to northen Croatia to Borova with a delivery of aid consisting of thick blankets, woollen hats and scarves.
With these simple things we can donate for more than 200 people warmth for the cold winter.



Because of the war in the Ukraine we quickly collected all the donations, that we had received in march 2022 and used them for the aid project for the unkraine. Next to the financial support, we were also  able to send the necessary medical aids with the value of 3000€ to the effected area.

The journey to the affected area turned out to be quite complicated, as we had to show and fill out a variaty of documents. Apart from this,  there were a lot of blocked roads with precise controls through which we were transporting. 

With delay we managed at last to safely give the people the desperately needed donations.


Analysis in South Africa and construction of our soupkitchen

In April the time had at last come for us with our team in Plettenberg to support the project „people of love“. The project was only made possible with thanks for your donations and the purchase of T-Shirts. 

We have bought some things for the children in Township, for example , fruit, toothbrushes , painting things, hair clips and sweeties. 

Apart from this we gave out warm meals and freshly baked cinnamon rolls from our new oven. It was a great pleasure to see how the people were happy about the help and the ideal daily use of our bread baking oven.  Photos and videos to this great project can be found on our Instagram stories side. 


Plot buy in Africa

After long bureaucratic ways, it was at last so far that we were able to buy an enormous plot of ground in township from Kranshoek near by to Plettenberg in South Africa. Therefore fulfilling a great wish. The plot offers enough possibilities  for caring for thousands of people. The aim is to use this land agriculturally to be able to build a community centre.

The first step was to put up a boundary protecting fence, which would protect people especially in the night. 


The bakery construction

In the year 2020, due to covid 19 Pandemie, we hat to dismiss various planed aid projects. However we absolutely wanted to support the people there.

In order to have access to the people in Sout Africa from Austria, we merged together with the resident project „people of love“ and could perform great immediate aid. 

With help from the generated donations for our association we bought a new baking oven which has since then provided more than 14750  people with meals. With this oven, the people could look after themselves for most of the time, with delicious sweet pastries and buns. 



2019 was our last surgical mission in Mumbai. Together with a team of surgeons from various countries in the world we travelled to Mumbai in order to carry out reconstructive surgery for the victims with servere  fire accident injuries there.

The operational conditions were dificult , how, however the results and happiness of the patients were all the more greater. 

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

From all over the world we have voluntary people working with us who bring their knowledge and deployment. Together with your donations we are able to implement  smaller and larger projects. If you would also like to support us, we are grateful for your donation.

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